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  • What is TCSS?

    The Tucson Cactus and Succulent Society (TCSS) is a non-profit organization made up of members who share an interest in cactus and succulents plants that grow here in the Tucson basin and throughout the world.


  • What's this FAQ for?

    The purpose of this FAQ is to provide answers to commonly asked questions about cactus and succulent plants of interest in the Tucson area, both native and non-native.


  • Can I search this page?

    The FAQ is a regular web page. You can use the "Find" function of your browser to search the FAQ.


  • How can I ask a question?

    Submit your question using the email above. We will try to provide an answer and may add your question to our FAQ.


  • Does one have to have permits of any sort to remove and transplant cactus from a property owned by a person to another property owned by the same person. If so who does one contact?

    According to the Arizona Dept of Agriculture (ADA), Tucson District Office you will need to fill out their "Application for Arizona Protected Native Plants and Wood Removal" form which would list legal descriptions of both of your properties. If they can verify that you own both, they will sign the application, waive the $5 processing fee, and not require you to buy tags or seals. You can call the local ADA Tucson District office from 8 to noon, M-F at 628-6310 for more information.


  • In my neighborhood there is a very large barrel cactus that has fallen over. What do you recommend for protected cacti that have problems? I know I can't take them home and replant them. I don't even know if I should attempt to upright on thats has fallen over. some thoughts or guidelines?

    The most important thing is to have landowner approval before doing anything with the fallen barrel. Barrels have a center root stem that feeds all the water and nutrition up into the storage pulp of the barrel. If this stem is damaged the barrel will probably not survive. See photo of cross section of barrel on our rescue page. Large barrel cacti (over 3 feet tall) often get too heavy and the root system can't support them when they begin to lean too much. Sometimes the root stem breaks off or pulls out of the cactus -will see a hole in the center bottom of the barrel (cactus will die no matter what) and sometimes the root stem stays up in the cactus and the roots pull out of the ground. If this is the case the barrel can be re-planted in the same location if possible or moved if need be. If moved off the current property, a permit will be needed and tags may be needed as well from the Arizona Dept of Agriculture. Barrels over 3 feet tall can weigh hundreds of pounds and will require several strong people with a carpet sling to upright it or may require machinery. A deeper hole will be required to prevent it from falling over again (like 6 to 8 inches deeper).


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