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Infrastructure of Pima Prickly Park

Plant Information Database System
• Park Plant Location Grid System (click here)

Park Rain and Temperature Data
• Rain Gauge Data from our Hoop House area is now available online at the RainLog.org web site. We enter our data into the RainLog site about every two months.
    Click on this link RainLog and then zoom to the park area to see the readings (look for where the Rillito River turns north by Interstate 10).

• Temperature data is collected every 15 minutes and can be directly loaded into a spreadsheet. It is a .csv formatted file which also includes rain data in 0.01 inch increments, time stamped each time the bucket tips which is 0.01" of rain.
    Select graph or range of data from list below.
     Data from 5/16/12 to 8/04/12 (click here)
     Data from 8/04/12 to 12/23/12 (click here)
     Data from 10/23/12 to 1/21/13 (click here)   Graph (click here)
     Data from 1/21/13 to 7/16/13 (click here)   Graph (click here)
     Data from 7/16/13 to 9/12/13 (click here)   Graph (click here)
     Data from 9/12/13 to 11/03/13 (click here)   Graph (click here)
     Data from 11/03/13 to 1/07/14 (click here)   Graph (click here)
     Data from 1/07/14 to 8/23/14 (click here)   Graph (click here)
     Data from 8/23/14 to 2/06/15 (click here)
     Data from 2/06/15 to 8/30/15 (click here)
     Data from 9/01/15 to 6/19/16 (click here)
     Data from 6/19/16 to 9/18/16 (click here)
     Data from 9/19/16 to 7/23/17 (click here)
     Data from 7/24/17 to 12/13/18 (click here)
   Note:Data from 12/14/18 to 4/18/19 was not captured due to HOBO Memory being full, rain data was estimated for graphs

Hoop House Construction
• Slide show photos of the February 2012 Hoop House Hoops construction project. (click here)
• Slide show photos of the February 2012 Hoop House Fencing construction project. (click here)



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