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  Pima Prickly Park

"Entrance Garden Area"

The Entrance Area, although there are several areas to enter the park, will be the focal point to enter Pima Prickly Park and hopefully give the visitor a "Welcoming" experience.
It hopefully will have a "Hub" (large kiosk) or small structures to make maps and literature available pertaining to the park features.

Plans are to have cactus and complimentary desert plants to show off vibrant desert colors.
A formal Entrance Garden Area will be a major undertaking and require several years to implement and many more
years for the garden to reach a level of maturity.

Our Desert - Great Color Combinations

The native Palo Verde tree with its' green bark and yellow blooms,
native purple Santa Rita Prickly Pear cactus with yellow flowers
and cholla with red and many other flower colors,
together, can yield a sensational splash of color.

Various cacti and plants in mass plantings will be utilized
to show off the richness of our native desert.