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  Pima Prickly Park

About Pima Prickly Park - Dedicated September 2012

For directions to Pima Prickly Park, click here, use River Road entrance

Brief description:
A seven acre desert park to highlight opuntias (prickly pear and cholla)and many other genera. This is a public park open from sunrise to sunset for the enjoyment by all. It is under construction and will take many years to implement all the gardens and features planned.  

Prickly pears and their relatives are an important economic plants which are used for food by humans, many animals and host insect species (cochineal), are landscape plants and help prevent soil erosion, medicinal and cosmetic purpose and more.

The park is located at 3500 W. River Road. Turn in at the Pima County Natural Resources sign and then take the first right into the parking lot. The park is southeast of this parking lot.

• December 2010 Prickly Park Scoping Design Proposal document.(click here)
• Slide show photos of the February 2012 Hoop House Hoops construction project.(click here)
• Slide show photos of the February 2012 Hoop House Fencing construction project.(click here)

TCSS Role:
TCSS has a 15 year Operating Agreement with Pima County for Pima Prickly Park. This will be a collaborative effort involing not only Pima County Natural Resources - Parks and Recreation but many other educational organizations in Southern Arizona.

TCSS has been instrumental in the design, building and care of the park through its members volunteering a significant amount of time every week and many others participating on special workdays.

Possible Special Events to utilize the features of the park include:
• Plant sales at special events only (no regular plant sale facilities)
• Children educational activities for schools
• Fruit tasting and selection
• Chefs and food preparation event
• Landscape design forums
• Cactus propagation demonstrations

Facilities, Existing and Planned:
• Gravel Loop path for great walks (about 2,100 feet or 0.4 miles), dogs on leashes welcome, must clean up after them.
• Educational displays, demonstration area (to be set up for special events)
• Various plant gardens and special plants (in progress)
• TCSS propagation hoop house shade structure
• Introduction to the park area "Hub" or large kiosk type structure (future)
• Two ramadas for shade and educational purposes (one picnic table each)
• Restrooms (future)
• Note - No drinking water facilities are planned

Sources for our Plants:
  • Cactus Rescue. On the left you can see the TCSS Cactus Rescue Crew at work at a cactus rescue, digging a Santa Rita with a beautiful compact form for the entrance garden at Pima Prickly Park
  • TCSS and other societies donations.
  • Nurseries, landscapers, public donations.
  • Purchased specimens.

Tucson is a great environment to host this permanent Native Park facility.