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Growing in the Desert Columns

June 2013 "Coir (Coconut Husk Fiber): A Universal Potting Medium?" by Mark Dimmitt
April 2013 "Echinocereus pentalophus – Common but Extraordinary" by Mark Dimmitt
March 2013 "Another Record Freeze!" by Mark Dimmitt
February 2013 "Winter-Blooming Pachypodiums" by Mark Dimmitt
January 2013 "Adeniums for Winter Color" by Mark Dimmitt
December 2012 "Succulent Cymbidium Orchids - Try Something Different" by Mark Dimmitt
November 2012 "Putting Adeniums and other Tropicals to Sleep for the Winter" by Mark Dimmitt
October 2012 "Coryphantha elephantidens: A fine fall-flowering cactus" by Mark Dimmitt
September 2012 "Time to pay attention to winter-growing bulbs" by Mark Dimmitt
August 2012 "Echinocereus brandegeei: Another Exception to the Rule" by Mark Dimmitt
July 2012 "Thelocactus bicolor: Again and Again and Again" by Mark Dimmitt
June 2012 "Selenicereus macdonaldiae : The Champion Cactus Flower" by Mark Dimmitt
May 2012 "Caralluma russeliana: The King of Stapeliads" by Mark Dimmitt
April 2012 "Waking up Adeniums" by Mark Dimmitt
March 2012 "Cleistocactus strausii (Wooly Torch)" by Mark Dimmitt
February 2012 "Plant Agaves During Cool Weather" by Mark Dimmitt
January 2012 "Coping with Wet Winters" by Mark Dimmitt
December 2011 "Ferocactus latispinus" by Chris Monrad
November 2011 "A hybrid of uncertain heritage" by Chris Monrad
October 2011 "Ferocactus peninsulae ssp. viscaiensis" by Chris Monrad
September 2011 "TCSS Golden Fishhook" by Chris Monrad
August 2011 "Ferocactus pottsii" by Chris Monrad
July 2011 "Ferocactus rectispinus" by Chris Monrad
June 2011 "Ferocactus cylindraceus" by Chris Monrad
May 2011 "Ferocactus pilosus ssp. pilosus" by Chris Monrad
April 2011 "Ferocactus pilosus" by Chris Monrad
March 2011 "Ferocactus hystrix and F. Echidne" by Chris Monrad
February 2011 "Ferocactus latispinus and F. latispinus ssp. spiralis" by Chris Monrad
January 2011 "What is a Succulent, Anyway?" by Mark Dimmitt
December 2010 "Tillandsia ehlersiana: A Superb Succulent Bromeliad" by Mark Dimmitt
November 2010 "Agave zebra and Agave pelona" by Mark Dimmitt
October 2010 "Trichocereus terscheckii: the Argentine 'Saguaro'" by Kevin Barber
September 2010 "Hoya pachyclada" by Mark Dimmitt
August 2010 "Stapelia flavopurpurea: A sweet starfish flower" by Mark Dimmitt
July 2010 "Cochemiea - The Red-Flowered Pincushions" by Mark Dimmitt
June 2010 "Welwitschia" by Mark Dimmitt
May 2010 "Trichocereus hybrids explode in May (and beyond)" by Mark Dimmitt and Mark Sitter
April 2010 "Ocotillo: Guaranteed to Flower in April" by Mark Dimmitt
March 2010 "Lachenalias at their peak in March" by Mark Dimmitt
February 2010 "Mammillaria, A Genus for Everyone" by Norm Dennis
January 2010 "Eulophia petersii: A Desert Orchid" by Mark Dimmitt
November 2009 "Growing Aloes in the Arid Southwest" by Gene Joseph
September 2009 "Fall is the Time to Shop for Adeniums" by Mark Dimmitt