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  Tucson Cactus and Succulent Society

Cactus Rescue Gloves

Cactus Gloves

Double palm heavy weight leather Welding Gloves (gold color): TCSS Price $15.00

We Only sell these at our Cactus Sales and Cactus Rescues, we do not ship anything. You can order online from others, just search for Tillman 1204 Gloves (ebay, Amazon and welding supply dealers)

These gloves are welding gloves that are great to handle the following types of cacti:
(Use them like mitts to move and hold cacti in place while planting)
- Barrels (hold at top and other hand underneath at bottom on roots)
- Saguaros, Organ Pipe (please use old carpet to wrap first, plush side against the cactus)
- Ocotillo
- Hedge Hogs and Mamms (mammillaria or pincushion)
- Sotol, Yucca, Joshua Trees, Agave
- Cereus

DO NOT use these gloves or any gloves to handle Cholla & Prickly Pear. Cholla have barbed spines which are very fine and sharp and will penetrate and stick into almost any material, especially your flesh. Use metal tools like a spade or pitch fork or tongs. Prickly Pear cacti not only have spines but have thousands of small whiskers called glochids that will get into most materials and are quite painful when transferred to your skin or eyes. Some cacti release these glochids when the plant is disturbed, especially the cute and very succulent bunny ear Prickly Pear. Handle these very carefully and keep the cactus downwind when handling (cactus away from you so airborne glochids don’t blow towards you). Instead of gloves, use metal tools such as a shovel or spade or pitch fork or tongs, move the cactus slowly and carefully. Spray the plant with water to help minimize the glochids going airborne. If you do get glochids in your skin and are unsuccessful in removing them with tweezers, you can shave with a safety razor to cut them off flush with the skin to get immediate relief and your body over time will take care of the small stubs left just below the skin.

TCSS Cactus Rescue Email: Cactus @ TucsonCactus.org