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Rescue Cacti for Sale

Agave palmeri

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Rescue Sales

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Monthly Meetings

The next TCSS Rescued Cactus Sale is TBD.

Here is a link to a PowerPoint presentation that shows how to plant a Saguaro. The file is 20 MB.

We have a new informational video about our cactus rescue program (12 minutes, 16M file, only download if you have broadband access)!

Click here to learn more about our cactus rescue program.

Videos about local Tucson gardens, TCSS, Tucson Pima Prickly Park, and the Sonoran Conference.

Video and story about Tucson Pima Prickly Park.

Click here to visit the Facebook page of the TCSS Fieldguide. The Facebook link for TCSS itself is on the left of each page of this TCSS web site, below the page links.

Growing (succulents) in the Desert Columns.

"COLD" How much Sun or Cold can your plant take? "See our ABC-123 Care Code". See also Freeze Facts by Mark Dimmitt

Monthly meetingThe next monthly TCSS meeting is on May 1, 2014. Michael Chamberland will give a presentation titled "Echinocactus".

The previous monthly TCSS member meeting was on April 3, 2014. Guillermo Rivera gave a presentation titled "ARGENTINA: An exploratory trip to Northwestern Argentina".

New Items Added

Growing Seeds Using a Red Cup by Doug Dawson

MyGeoTrex™ smartphone app for Pima Prickly Park

Interesting Links

The Sonoran Desert Florilegium Program has created this web site.

Take a look at Mark Dimmitt's Adenium web site.

Click for Tucson, Arizona Forecast

We conduct and sponsor native cactus and succulent rescue operations, plant sales, field trips, nursery and garden visits, conventions and conferences as well as other activities throughout the year. We set aside 25 percent of all cactus rescue profits for our School Grant Program. We welcome everyone to come to our meetings and join us in the fun and excitement. Become a member and expand your knowledge today!