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The Tucson Cactus and Succulent Society is excited to use a new app from MyGeoTrex™ to offer Pima Prickly Park's first smartphone app!
MyGeoTrex™ allows you to access content on your mobile device while visiting the Park.
As you walk the paths, features that are close by will pop up on the screen of your smartphone. Simply click on the picture to learn more about the cactus or feature in the area. It's easy to use and it is Free!

To use MyGeoTrex™, first download the app from the Apple App Store.
Once you've loaded the app, find Pima Prickly Park in the "Museums, Aquariums and Zoos" category. You can then download the Trex by clicking on the small downward pointing arrow. It is also available for Droid data phones.
It is recommended that you download the app before your visit to the Park.
If you do not download the app prior to your visit, you can also access the Trex app via your device's data capabilities.

Once the app is ready to go, you can view the gardens, maps and more.
MyGeoTrex will provide additional information and photos about our cactus gardens and other features.
You can also go to MyGeoTrex Web and use your PC or Mac to learn more about this app and its capabilities.

We currently have 8 spots listed on our MyGeoTrex app. They are:
  • Park Map
  • Saguarohenge
  • Hummingbird Garden
  • Ocotillo Forest
  • Agave Garden
  • Cholla Maze
  • Cristates
  • Butterfly Garden